We Dance Pop is a trading name of We Dance Together Limited - a business formed in 2018. It's aim is to increase the number of people social dancing, and especially to increase the number of people partner dancing.

The popularity of partner dancing reduced for a number of reasons during the second half of the 20th century, but we firmly believe that it can bring so many benefits to people's lives including:

  • fun and enjoyment
  • meeting new people - usually people in the local community
  • body awareness and improved fitness
  • increased self-confidence

Our motto is:

We believe everybody has the ability, and the right, to dance in safety and comfort when they want to.


everybody has the ability - The 20th Century dance teacher Arthur Murray claimed, 'If you can walk, we teach you how to dance.' We would claim the same, but we'd also say: why limit your dance teaching to those who can walk? The moves we teach are designed for people who can stand and be active, but we can adapt them to student's abilities when required. If you'd like us to take into account your requirements, please let us know in advance so we can plan accordingly.

everybody has the right - We try our best not to discriminate when it comes to which people we teach, but if you feel we are (either directly or indirectly), please let us know. We expect all of our students to respect everyone else's right to dance.

dance in safety - Partner dancing can be an amazingly fun experience, but like all sustainable thrills, it needs to be safe and we take this very seriously. This doesn't just relate to the dance moves themselves, but also the environments in which we dance and practical elements like how we dress and making sure we have everything our body needs to keep us dancing.

dance in comfort - The nature of partner dancing in particular means that people are often in close proximity to another person, perhaps a stranger. We aim to teach people how to dance in a way which reduces the chances of their dancer partner feeling uncomfortable. For example, certain dance moves may feel inappropriate sometimes, and we should always be thinking about our personal hygiene.

when they want to - As fun as dancing is, there are times when someone just doesn't want to dance - and that's OK. Whether it's in a dance class or at a social event, we need to respect a person's decision to dance or not dance.


Oliver Wright Edit 01

Oliver Wright - Founder

Oliver was introduced to the world of social dancing through a colleague at work, and has been fascinated by it ever since. He grew his skills as a swing dancer and ended up joining Swing Time Jivers - an authentic jazz dance company. He performs around the country and abroad with live bands including The Glenn Miller Orchestra UK and Pasadena Roof Orchestra.

His passion has always been social dancing - partner dancing in particular - and is constantly inspired by the positive effects it has on people.

Oliver has completed dance teacher training at Herräng Dance Camp (Sweden), SwingStep Teaching Summit (Germany), and People Dancing's Summer School. He's currently studying for the Diploma in Dance Teaching and Learning at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance.